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Receive clients from 5 in any
Using a customer acquisition system

What is a customer acquisition system?

This is a marketing bundle of sites built on the hunt pyramid.
Every segment of your audience from cold to hot gets the right offer, which makes advertising 2 times cheaper, and the conversion is 10-30% higher than one site

Is a customer acquisition system right for you?

If you have an overheated niche and ad traffic is very expensive
If there are many applications, but most are based just on interest
If you have a complex product that requires warming up
If you want to receive more applications and increase the average check

What will your business get by applying the Lead Me customer acquisition system?

Stable customer flow from $ 5
You will receive the first applications in a week. Warmed up, they want to buy exactly from you
Regular applications, even during the off-season
We cover 3-5 times more audience, which allows us to make a steady stream of applications in low season

Get a free scheme and calculation of return on customer acquisition system

For your business + free consultation
What do you get

Our examples of work on attracting the clients

Development of a customer acquisition system for the Internet hypermarket
Number of applications received
Total project budge
1 month
Project deadline
In a niche without demand, 54 applications were attracted for 1 month with a sales potential of 100,000+ euros
Number of applications received
30 000 р.
Advertising budget
2 month
Project deadline
Increased sales by 56% and raised the average check by 15%
Number of applications received
Advertising budget
1 month
Total project budget
Up to 100 applications from quiz sites in different niches with budgets of $ 100-300
Number of applications

1 260
Advertising budget
Application price
Site conversion
Made in the product niche +1000 applications
Number of applications received
Advertising budget
6 month
Project deadline
Landing page with a conversion of up to 3.44% in a niche with an average check of $ 1,500
Number of applications received
Advertising budget
4 month
Project deadline
Development of a corporate website for an advertising agency
Number of templates
Total budget
2 month
Project deadline
Traffic system in a narrow niche with a selling directory on WP
Design layouts
On all
Segmented feed
Project deadline
Unique pages + landing page
Development of a site system for Apple technologies
Number of pages
Number of applications
Implementation period
A startup in a highly competitive niche
Defined target audience
Application features
1300 RUB
Lead price in MSC
We will show all the cases with analytics and give customers' contacts
On a free consultation

How we create a customer acquisition system

Result: we define a real problem, estimate the cost and terms, offer solutions to your budget.
Marketing analysis and promotion strategy
We analyze direct and indirect competitors
We analyze the segments of the target audience of your business
We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your company
We know for whom we are making a product and what your client needs, we have a clear understanding of your USP, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
We form a USP and the benefits of your offer
Development of tools according to the strategy
We create detailed prototypes of all sites and quizzes
We implement the technical part of the project for correct and fast display on any device
We make a unique design for your brand and target audience
A completed project in a corporate style, available on the Internet and ready to receive incoming traffic
Setting up and launching ads
We configure different traffic channels according to the strategy
We connect analytics systems for analysis and adjustments
Rendering ad creatives that attract attention
A working ad that brings customers from $ 5. Management in 1 click: few clients - turned on, many - turned off
Support, optimization, improvement
We optimize advertising channels and reduce the cost of the application
We monitor interruptions and suggest improvements
Modifying tools and increasing conversion
Your project is consistently profitable, and you are thinking about expanding and opening new directions

Why us

It's easy and safe to work
⠀⠀ with us

In our business, decency and approach to the client is everything
Guaranteed result
In the contract, we indicate the desired KPI and make a refund if it has not reached
Always in touch
Your project will be accompanied by a personal manager who will answer any question in a convenient messenger for you

Weekly reporting
We work transparently and send reports on what has already done every week
Author's approach to each task

We do not do the work according to a template, but we analyze your business and select digital tools that are suitable for you
Video ⠀customer testimonials
We will provide contacts of all our clients
So that you get real feedback on our work
An expert team
of 14 people
Who will be immersed in your project as possible and be responsible for the result not only with their heads but also with money
The secret is that the salary of each specialist depends on his KPI in the project

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Other Lead Me services

We will diagnose your business and develop a step-by-step plan to increase profits and market share by using digital tools
We will help to automatize business processes and customize the CRM system for you
We will develop a website, an online store, a platform, an online service of any complexity with further support

Using the right design, we'll create your corporate identity and make your business recognizable and attractive
We will connect influencers and well-known platforms for promotion and make your brand popular
Let's create a chain of letters to automatize your business processes, which will transfer the client from the state of "I'm not interested in this" to "I want to buy this immediately"
We will develop a complete e-business ecosystem based on modern IT technologies
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Директор по информационным
Project manager
Менеджер проектов
Junior marketing specialist
Младший маркетолог
Developer on Tilda
Разработчик на Tilda
Team Lead designer
Руководитель отдела дизайна
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